Wine tours

Wine tours in Veneto: events and festivals

Wine and its culture have been developing in various part of our Region in recent years and the several businesses operating in the sector have really good opportunities to grow and become really competitive.


More and more hotels are involved in this programme and are specializing by offering high standard  services to answer the requests of an international clientele who has come to know  and appreciate the Venetian  cuisine, wine and culture through tourist  stands and exhibitions.

Al Barco Hotel, in the Eastern part of Veneto, has been dealing with   wine -tour events, first because of its geographical position , in one of the best specialised area of wine growing,  wine producing and wine tours, the wonderful place comprised between the rivers Livenza and Tagliamento, famous for its  registered designation of origin wines: Lison-Pramaggiore.


The hotel attracts many tourists also because of the rustic old Venetian style characterizing its building and furniture, in full respect of the history and traditions of our Region, but also because of the various wine -tour events organized by the hotel itself.


We are extremely pleased to fulfil the  growing requests of a  particular clientele. Therefore we show the utmost care in offering quality even in the simplest things, paying attention to  style,details and comforts.

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